Welcome to my digital hub.

About Wes

I'm a native of Virginia, currently living in Atlanta, GA. I graduated from Norfolk State University with a degree in Mass Communications. I work in digital marketing, with an emphasis in content marketing.                                                                                                                                                      

What I Do

Drive interaction and social engagement for companies through social media strategy, and digital marketing. I produce multimedia content using advanced video editing, writing tools, web sites, graphic design, and photography to produce visual aid that represents dynamic conversations. 


Developing a strong digital media presence for all of my clients, enabling them to move through the digital market louder and faster than competition. The mission is simply being the go-to source for digital media management, and producing great work.                                                              


In this current market everyone needs to consider using various methods of communication to convey messages to consumers. Content reaches further when its reinforced by multiple sources. Thus the need to use multiple channels and a mix of fresh content.

I try to stay up on all trending platforms as well as upcoming sources. Knowing who will potentially see your message is half the battle in marketing. Our generation of millennials are consuming media through more platforms than ever before, so we execute our branding in the same manor.

Solid execution

The level at which a producer, brand ambassador, or marketing professional executes task is the key differentiator between amateurs and pros. People pay for quality, confidence  in knowing everything will meet a certain standard, and piece of mind.

I will go to any measure to produce my highest quality.

Networking & PR

Every campaign requires a certain amount of attention to get things moving, but without proper distribution after a campaign has started is the difference between how far a message will travel. I'm interested in building a network full of the right people more so than a lot of people.

Social media isn't all about tweets and likes... For most marketing professionals we understand that assimilating information found on the web is just as important as the time spent editing and producing new content.